Is Omni-channel the Panacea people think it is?

Steven Dennis had a great blog post today on the definition and concept of omni-channel in retail.

Some of my takeaways:

  • Omni-channel is not enough by itself to grow customers, anymore.  This is evidenced by the stagnating revenue and financial number of most of the larger retail chains.
  • There was a time that omni-channel was such a unique feature for consumers that they actually picked who they buy from based on that.  For retailers in 2016 omni-channel is table stakes, it’s the price of entry.
  • You’ve got omni, now what?  Are you missing other key revenue-driving factors in your business as you’re building out your omni-channel systems?

Ultimately all technology is a set of tools for retailers NOT the product, not the experience, not customer service and warranty and environmental consciousness and all the other things that are important to people in today’s world.

The challenge with Omni-channel and the technology is that retailers have been catching up to ecommerce sellers for 20 years now and they will rarely (if ever) be better than Amazon, for a variety of reasons.  The new commerce tools and platforms available to retailers must be omni-by-DNA. , and then the retailers needs to get to the real work.  Product sourcing, selection, display, merchandising, delivery, customer support and service – ALL in an omni platform.




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