Difference between Blogs and Twitter notifications.

I’ve been trying to find a useful cadence on absorbing information from people I follow on Twitter without getting a firehose pointed at me.  No luck so far.

I like using Twitter notifications but with only 10-20 people this turns into a constant stream during certain times of the day and  after a while it becomes almost useless.  If I turn the notification off I get nothing, if it stays on it’s the firehose.

Subscribing to a Blog is still a lot more efficient.  It is a known fact that you can not email people too much or they will unsubscribe so people may blog once a week or every few days if very active writers.  What I get from the blog is usually laser focused on the topic I expect, again because if not I’ll unsubscribe!

On Twitter it seems like the opposite is true, at least for now.  People have to send the same tweet multiple times hoping that their followers actually see it.

Twitter can make improvements on the notifications system helping people become a lot more efficient in absorbing the massive amount of shares and tweets.  The notification system can actually be a savior for Twitter in providing an easy to manage way to people for spending time only on the content they are interested in.


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