My trip to Boulder, CO

I’d been wanting to take a trip to Boulder for a couple of years but never found the time before. This changed when I met Brad Feld in LA in December ’12 and was struck by his genuine interest to help “everyone”!! So when I took him up on his offer  to help do intros for me that’s when the big surprise came. First he immediately accepted and sent emails to a good group of pretty influential people in the Boulder startup community.

The next nice surprise was when everyone on the list happily setup appointments with me and even recommended others I should meet. I have never seen this level of genuine interest in helping others, and considering these are all extremely busy people it makes it even more important.

So I made the trip, found a room using airBnB (first experience was positive) and spent 2 days in Boulder in January. Even though the weather was a shock to my thin SoCal blood the energy in the city was so hot I felt warmer inside than in my normal days in OC. THis is not a slam on OC but it’s just amazing to see so many people close together, working on similar projects. The downtown Mall is an awesome place to hang out around or even find job at hot startups. Great coffee and fantastic restaurants and even local live music by the Harp Guy that caught me off guard.

The meetings
Although some of the meetings had to be re-planned for future the majority of them were help on time and as planked and were packed with fantastic feedback and offers of help and support. Top of the list is of course meeting Brad in his office at the Foundry Group and Luke Beatty at TechStars. Tim from SendGrid is also an amazing person – I recommend touching base with him for events in OC as SendGrid has a local office and is interested in helping the community here. (and hiring)

So, if you can take a couple of days from your busy schedule and make the trip I “highly” recommend it. Brad is walking the talk from his Startup Communities book and Startup Revolution project and will actually put you in touch with people that might change your life.

And if you’re interested to help an OPEN and FREE entrepreneurial community in OC hit me up and I’ll share my vision with you.


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