Orange County software startup funding options

Looking at the driving factors for building a thriving software startup ecosystem funding options rank high on the list.  An active investor community is the basis for all the other startup centers in the US including Silicon Valley, NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Boulder and Seattle.

This is a list of the most active OC investors in software area:

1. Tech Coast Angels – the only active Angel group in Orange County.

TCA has been present in Orange county for decades and is probably the most well known sources of equity financing for new companies in Orange County.

2. Palomar Ventures

3. Miramar Ventures

4. K5 accelerator

5. Angellist: Angel List has become an indispensable tool for funding in general and from an initial look it seems like there are active OC-based investors that only play here.

We’ll be providing more in-depth details on these and other companies, if you know of any active software investors in the OC that is not here please let us know. (qualification:  by active we mean having invested in software startups in Orange County in the past year)


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